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2019 PaSRBA


Isaac Bell

Hi! My name is Isaac Bell. I live in Lebanon, PA. I am 13 years old and am in 9th grade in my homeschool that we call the Bell Academy. I have four brothers, one who is my twin, and one little sister. I am number three in line out of the six of us. I am involved with the Fur and Feathers 4-H Club in Dauphin County, PA. My leader is Lia Schmittal. I am also now in a Fiber Arts Club and I am a spinner at the angorapalooza this year at the Farm Show. I am also a spinner in the fleece to shawl contest at Farm Show as well. I was also in the Hoppin’ Habbits youth club where I was a director.


My brothers, sister, and I raise Havanas, Silver Fox, Tans, Californians, Mini Lops, and my favorite, White New Zealands. I help at shows by making sure rabbits and cavies are put on the table. I also help by writing for judges at shows. I like to help with whatever I can at all shows and fairs that I go to. My mom is a rabbit judge and I like to go to shows whenever I can with her. I was the 2011 New York State Lord, 2013 American Rabbit Breeders Association Lord, 2013 Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association Lord, 2014 American Rabbit Breeders Association Prince, the 2015 American Rabbit Breeders Association Prince, 2016 American rabbit Breeders Association Prince, 2017 American Rabbit Breeders Association Duke, 2017 PaSRBA Duke, 2018 PaSRBA Duke, and now the 2018 American Rabbit Breeders Association Duke. I have helped my mom and other friend’s set-up and tear down shows and fairs.

Besides our rabbits, I used to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats. I loved to feed, water, and hay my goats and also clean out their pens. I also liked to play with my goats. A couple years ago, I watched the birth of one of our goats. It was cool to see a goat give birth to a baby. I also had two hooded rats named Moose and Franklin. I liked to play with Moose and Franklin and put them on my shoulders and head. And we have four outdoor cats not including all of the others that adopted us. Their names are Eileen, Yeager, Amelia, Wasp, and Jappy. We also used to have Guineas.


Besides playing with animals, I like to ride scooters and bikes with my brothers and do 5 mile bike trips down the road. I like to fly in our family’s Taylorcraft whenever I can. I would like to be a pilot someday and would like to live close to my mom and dad so that I can fly with them.

When I grow up, I would like to be able to go to the Air Force Academy and serve there and while there maybe play on their Baseball team or Hockey. My goal is to become a pilot or a pararescuemen for the Air Force. I am already working on this because of my involvement in Civil Air Patrol or CAP. In CAP my rank is currently C/CMSgt or Cadet Chief Master Sergeant and am working on the next stage of this rank. I would also like to be a rabbit judge because I like to raise rabbits.


Thank you for letting me be the 2019 Pennsylvania Rabbit Breeders Association Duke. I look forward to teaching others more about rabbits and I hope to have a good year.