2019 PaSRBA



Hi, my name is Grace Kasianides and I am so very excited to serve as your 2020 PaSRBA Princess. A few things I like to do are cuddle my rabbits Lou Lou, Mia and Milkyway, practice showmanship with my Rabbits, and play board games with my family. I also enjoy weaving and rabbit hopping. I am a member of the Loudoun County 4-H Rabbit Hopping Club in Virginia. Rabbit hopping is a sport where trained rabbits hop over jumps and obstacles to complete a course.

                I breed Holland Lops and have been doing it for one year, but I have raised rabbits for five years. My doe, Mia, has had two litters and has shown herself to be a good mother. I have bred her again and hope to have a litter of healthy kits in March.

                At PaSRBA, I also competed in the Rabbit Hopping competition on Sunday. I enjoy rabbit hopping because I am able to learn more about rabbits and how to train them to hop a course. Rabbit hopping has taught me that working hard pays off. It is also good for the bunnies because they get exercise and interaction while hopping. I am very excited to be your 2020 PaSRBA Princess.

Grace Kasianides