2019 PaSRBA


Clayton Martone - Clayton Martone PaSRBA

Tony Martone

My name is Clayton (Tony) Martone and I am 11 years old. Thank you for allowing me to be the PaSRBA Prince. I am homeschooled and in fifth grade and I live in Maryland. I have five siblings. We first got rabbits when I was 4, and I have helped take care of them ever since. We raise Silver Foxes, Rex, Himalayans, Californians, and Netherland Dwarfs and Abyssinian Cavies. We all take care of all of the animals, but my rabbit project includes Himalayans and Californians and I show the cavies with my two sisters. I raise all four colors of Himalayans- Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac. I raise Californians for meat classes. My favorite ARBA-recognized breeds are the Himalayan, Harlequin, Californian, and Belgian Hare. I love rabbits! I like taking out my Himalayans and playing with them and I also like going to shows because I like seeing all the other rabbits and seeing how they get judged.


In 2018 I was the PaSRBA Prince, the ARBA Prince, the AHRA Prince, and the West Coast Classic Prince. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and competing and learning a lot about rabbits and cavies.


My hobbies that do not relate to rabbits are basketball, cooking, playing with my siblings, reading, playing with my dog, being in nature, and helping around the house and farm. I also like volunteering.

When I grow up I want to be a biologist. I really like all animals and learning more about them. In addition to rabbits we also have goats, sheep, chickens, two dogs, and cats on our mini-farm, and I have a bearded dragon, a nerite snail, and a crab as pets.


I am a member of a lot of rabbit clubs, Montgomery County 4-H Rabbit Club, American Himalayan Rabbit Association, Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association, Ohio Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, the Mid Atlantic Himalayan Rabbit Club, and of course the ARBA. Thank you to everyone in those clubs and the people who have really helped me with my rabbit project - my parents, my friends in rabbit 4-H, the breeders I get my rabbits from, the AHRA, Jacinta Taulbee (who has given me great advice on raising rabbits), Kyla (my rabbit club leader), and Dr. Fitzpatrick (my judging coach).