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Austin Stutler

Hi, my name is Austin Tyler Stutler. I am six years old. I am in first grade at St. Michael the Archangel school. I live in Levittown, Pennsylvania with my mom, dad, Gracie and all of the bunnies. Gracie is a blue Weimaraner and is so crazy and bad! My mom-mom and pop pop live close by and they have bunnies too! I love English Spots; my favorite is Hooper, he is a lilac buck. He loves to play with all the toys I give him and he chases his tail, which is so silly. I also have one Mini Rex, one Dutch, seventeen English Spots and two Mini Lops. My mom and dad show Mini Lops and Thriantas!


I love being a Cloverbud in two 4-H rabbit clubs: Fuzzy Buddies and Little Rascals. I really am excited when I can start the Pledge of Allegiance or the 4-H Pledge. I have a lot of fun with the older members of the club and they like to help me with showmanship. We help many people through 4-H.


We also take our bunnies to different places, Easter Egg Hunts; visit the old people, summer camp, and Grange Fair. Grange Fair is my favorite; I like all the animals, tractors and the horse drawn hayrides. I also like to talk to people about my rabbits and I see many people I know from my school and church.


I like to go to rabbit shows and am so happy when my bunnies win! We get up super early and drive with my parents and mom-mom and pop-pop to the shows. We have a truck full of bunnies! I get so excited and sometimes bored, so I bring books, cars and tractors to play with while I wait. I love talking about the shows at school and I bring my ribbons for show and tell.

I love John Deere tractors; my bed is a tractor that pop-pop made for me. I have many tractors! I also love to swim and take swim lessons. I also love dinosaurs. Planes, I love them a lot. Each year we go to Ocean City, MD to have fun on the beach and watch the awesome planes and Coast Guard helicopters at the air show. My cousin is in the Navy! I love music and like to sing. My favorite is Luke Bryan and I have been to a few of his concerts. I also participated in a talent show at summer camp this year singing two of his song while playing the ukulele with a broken arm and dancing on stage!


When I grow up, I want to be a truck driver, cowboy, doctor, scientist and a Rabbit King!