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2019 PaSRBA


Sara Forry

Hello my name is Sara Forry and I am 6 years old. I started raising dwarfs in 2016 and my mom has raised them since she was 10 years old.


I live with my mom, Michelle and dad Seth in Berlin Pennsylvania. My mom and I have a small Netherland Dwarf rabbitry, MSM Dwarfs and when I am not helping with rabbits I am helping my dad who restores tractors. We collect Wheel Horse Tractors especially those used during the Indy 500.


We also have a beep beep runner (1973 Roadrunner) we take to car shows.


My mom is very active in the rabbit industry and I hope that one day I am active like her as well. I enjoy helping her at our local fair and our rabbit club events.


In 2018 I won showmanship at the PaSRBA Convention where I also placed 2nd in Lady. Then at the 2019 ARBA Convention I was first runner-up lady.


In dwarfs, I am going to be focusing on selfs and agoutis with my project.


I am a first-grader at Berlin Brothersvalley Elementary School. I enjoy theater and attended a theater camp this summer where I played a Who in Seussical. I am planning to do more with the theater.