2019 PaSRBA


caleb bell - caleb pasrba 2020.jpg

Caleb Bell

Hi my name is Caleb Bell, I am 15 years old and I live in Hummelstown Pa. I have four brothers Jacob, Isaac, Eli, Levi and my sister Abigail. In our barn we have Tans, New Zealands, French Angora’s, Havana’s, Silver Fox, Mini Lops, Checkered Giants, and BlancDe Hotot’s. We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies named Liberty and Victory, we also have a cat named Ameilia.


Outside of our animals I love to fly in our family plane, a 1946 BC 12 D Taylorcraft. I like to drive dune buggies and do airsoft battles. I like to play roller hockey with our family. I like to shoot guns, hunt and fish. I like to take road trips around the country with my family visiting as many national parks as possible.


In Civil Air Patrol which is the United States Air Force Auxiliary I am a Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (C/CMSgt). I am a leader in my squadron doing anything they need me to do for the cadets. I am in the color guard for the squadron. The color guard is the cadets who handle the flag and rifles. The Civil Air Patrol is preparing me for the Air Force. In the Air Force I want to do K-9 Dog handling.


In Civil Air Patrol I have won honor cadet at the Pa wing Encampment which is a basic military training for the Civil Air Patrol. I have also staffed Encampment.I hope to be a good role model for PaSRBA, and I hope to teach others about rabbits and cavies as the 2020 PaSRBA King.