2022 PaSRBA Convention RHD Policy

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ARBA RHD policy and updates can be found here

In 2020 the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture implemented an interstate rabbit policy to reduce the spread of RHD into the Commonwealth. The order deals with rabbits who live in a state that has a positive case or presumptive case in the past 12 months as defined by the USDA.  The rule has been designated to protect the health and viability of the multi-million dollar rabbit industry within the Commonwealth of PA as PA is one of the top rabbit producers in the nation. 


Full text of the rule can be found at:  http://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pabull?file=/secure/pabulletin/data/vol50/50-39/1311.html&d=reduce


Additionally, the ARBA maintains its own policy regarding RHD which in most cases are less stringent that the Commonwealth of PA.  It is recommended that all attendees review the ARBA policy which can be found on the ARBA website (www.arba.net) and within the ARBA Official Show rules (Section 15).


It is the responsibility of each attendee of the PaSRBA Convention to follow the Commonwealth of PA rule and the ARBA policy if they are bringing rabbits, equipment or products into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Please note the rule set forth by the PA Department of Agriculture are strictly enforced by the State Veterinarian and violators are subject to fines of up to $10,000 per violation.


Here is the list of affected RHD quarantine states per the PA order as of May 13, 2022.  This list is subject to change and will be updated on the PaSRBA website (www.pasrba.org) and PaSRBA Convention Official Facebook page.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.  


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If your rabbits originate from one of the states that has an RHD exposure or event in the past 12 months the live rabbits must be accompanied by an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary inspection and must be examined by an accredited Veterinarian within the 72 hours prior to the date of shipment to Pennsylvania. The Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection must include the following written statements prepared by the accredited Veterinarian writing the form: 

  1. “All Rabbits in the shipment have been examined for and found free of infectious, contagious, or communicable diseases.”

  2. “All Rabbits have originated from a single premises that has no signs of infectious, contagious or communicable disease in rabbits.”

  3. “There have been no movement of Rabbits onto the premises of origin within the 90 days prior to the date of shipment.”

  4. “The rabbits in this shipment have had no contact with wild or captive rabbits other than their cohorts in the 90 days prior to shipment.”

If shipping rabbits to PA on Friday February 4, 2022, 90 days prior is November 6, 2021.

Please note if an accredited veterinarian issues a CVI for rabbits we assume that the associated transport equipment and feed from the their premises is not considered exposed and is ok to come into PA. 


1. Q:  I have attended other shows recently and live in a quarantine state.  How does this rule apply to me?

A:  For the 90 days that is only in cases where movements onto your premises has occurred in the quarantine states.  So for example, exhibitors from NY that attended the December NJ show  are now barred from attending our event in early.  Basically if you live in NY (or any other quarantine state) you cannot attend our event starting Feb 4th if there has been any movement of animals  onto your premises since Nov 6th (90 days from Feb 4).  This applies to all current quarantine states and any future quarantine states retroactive 90 days to Nov 6th.


2. Q - What if an exhibitor from a listed state took their animals from premise #1 showed at a show and returned them to premise #2 for self biosecurity/quarantine precautions?

A - Animals from premise #1 can attend a show in PA but animals from their premise #2 are barred from PA for 90 days. 

3. Q - If an accredited vet issues a CVI for rabbits coming from an RHD state is associated transport equipment, show equipment and feed allowed to come into PA?  

A - If an accredited veterinarian issues a CVI for rabbits coming from an affected state associated transport equipment and feed from the their premises is not considered exposed and is ok to come into PA. All equipment is recommended to be properly sanitized before coming to PA and upon your return home.  See also the ARBA show rules for additional recommendations. 


4. Q: My rabbits have received the RHD vaccine and we have the documentation to prove that.  We live in a quarantine state.   Does the order apply to my rabbits?

A:  Yes the order applies as it does not distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated rabbits.  Any rabbit entering the Commonwealth of PA from a quarantine state must have CVI compliant with the provisions in the order.


5. Q:  Should I clean my equipment before or after the show?

A:  We recommend to follow good biosecurity practices and to also sanitize all equipment before coming to PA and upon your return home.  See also the ARBA show rules for additional recommendations. 

6. Q: Is there any requirement for PA rabbits to provide a health certificate for exhibition at PaSRBA or PA based shows?

A: If they are PA based rabbits a CVI is not required. The rule applies to rabbits entering PA from a quarantine state (red on our map).