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2019 PaSRBA


Morgan Kulha

Hi, my name is Morgan Kulha and I am 18 years old. I live in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I am a student at the Westmoreland County Community College, and I am transferring to California University in California PA in the Fall of 2019. I am studying secondary education English with a minor in special education. I am a High School graduate from the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.


I love to learn and educate others about rabbits and cavies. In my animal projects I currently raise New Zealands, English Lops, English Spots, Beverens, Coronets, Silkies, and Teddy's. I love the different types of rabbits and cavies that you will find going to shows. No two animals are the same, every breed has something that makes it unique and different from the others.

I have been in 4-H for 3 years. I love it! I have grown so much since being in 4-H. I do rabbits, and I am the secretary for the Butler Bunni Bunch 4-H club. Other projects that I do within 4-H are: Sewing, Scrapbooking, Crocheting, Rocketry, Square Dancing, and Cooking. I am also a member of the Westmoreland County Teen Leadership Council, Westmoreland Squares, and New Alec Ag Home Ec. I love to do community service projects with my 4-H groups. I enjoy going to nursing homes, schools, and other public places to bring my rabbits and let people enjoy learning about them. My favorite community service project was going to Golden Opportunities with my 4-H Club Butler Bunni Bunch. We brought our rabbits and we talked about them and let disabled individuals hold, pet, and play with our rabbits. I have had the privilege to attend many 4-H camps, and events throughout the state. Like the Pennsylvania State Leadership Council, The Pennsylvania State Achievement Days, and the Northwest Teen Leadership Retreat. Where I got to meet new people, make new friends, create memories, and learn new life skills.


I am so thankful to have been hired for the 2019 Pennsylvania State Farm Show as an Employee in the rabbit department! I get to work while doing something that I love and enjoy.

Since I have been a member of 4-H, PaSRBA, and getting involved in rabbits, I have come out of my comfort zone, I am a more confident person, I enjoy getting up on stage and speaking in front of individuals, and I've had so many amazing experiences. I have made so many new friends, I have visited so many new places. I've attended the 2017 ARBA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the 2018 ARBA convention in West Springfield Massachusetts. I have picked up so much knowledge, I have had the opportunity to do the youth contests and I have gained so many new life skills. Life is an amazing journey and I am so thankful for the many places it has taken me.


Thank you so much to Madi Shaw, Angie Shaw, Ruth-Ann Bell and to everyone else for supporting me throughout this amazing journey!


I am so honored and thankful for being chosen to represent the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association as your 2019 PaSRBA Queen!