2019 PaSRBA


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Alexandria Neff

Hello, my name is Alexandria Neff and I am very honored to be chosen as your 2020 PaSRBA Queen. I am fifteen years old and, I currently attend school at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and I am a freshman in high school. I have beena proud 4-H member for nine years.


In Dauphin County 4-H, I am a member of the Teen Council, Exchange Club, Fur and Feathers Club, and the Friendship Community Club. I have raised rabbits for seven years and cavies for nine years. I raise black and blue Dutch rabbits, French Angoras and an American cavy.


However, in 4-H, I also compete in the Fleece to Shawl and Angorapalooza competitions at the Pennsylvania Farm Show with my Fiber Arts club, I show bantam chickens through my Fur and Feathers Club, and I sew, cook, and garden through my Community Club. I have really enjoyed learning more about rabbits and cavies and I hope to continue learning more about them and share my knowledge with other members and the public. This project that started as a small and simple hobby became a large and important part of my life. It has been very cool to see how a little furry friend can help you meet people all over the country or in your state who may become your friends for life! I enjoy seeing how everyone works together in this great hobby. I have loved doing cavy agility with my cavy, as we travel around sharing this activity different places. I encourage those who have not tried agility with their cavies to do it some-time; it is very enjoyable for the cavy as well as the owner.


Outside of 4-H, I enjoy singing, playing the piano and accordion, playing basketball and volleyball, doing art projects, and travelling. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and spending time in the mountains. After high school, I would like to pursue a career as a poultry veterinarian and work with a non-profit organization. I am very grateful to all my 4-H leaders, Angie Shaw, Deb Schmittel, Lia Schmittel, Lori Jo Whitehaus, and Ashley Shaw who have helped me learn so much about rabbits and cavies over the years and who have encouraged me ever since I started in 4-H. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be the PaSRBA Queen, and I look forward to promoting the PaSRBA organization, and encouraging more people to get involved in the rabbit and cavy hobby.