Springtime 2017 - Princess MolliLyn Petro

Of course, the year of 2017 started off with the PA Farm Show! The Farm show is probably the busiest week ever!!! It seems like I totally wear out my crown and sash that week every year if it wasn’t worn out already. I walked around and talked to everyone about PaSRBA. I passed out samples of rabbit meat. I also educated people about PaSRBA and how we show rabbits. The best way to get information out about what we do seems to be to have a rabbit on a table and look friendly! I did my best helping during the rabbit show in the big arena. Giving an interview for TV was sooooo awesome! We went to the Opening Ceremonies and also the PA Preferred Banquet to represent PASRBA with some officials and pose for many, many pictures.

We are now in the middle of a HUGE snowstorm! We got 30 inches of snow where I live! School was closed for 4 days! Because of the snow, I didn’t get to go to the one show I was going to go to, but the roads weren’t good to drive on.

Late Spring was filled with TONS of rabbit happenings! At the Apple Country show, I was very busy as a writer most of the day. Pam Nock was so happy that I was a helper to her for writing and other helpful things. I showed my rabbits and they did pretty well. I think this litter of Himalayans is doing very well for me. I am so happy that they are turning out so nice! For practice, I also participated in the youth activities that they had. One of the things I think is important for royalty is to be friendly and help the kids that are obviously new. At this show, I saw a very new rabbit person and helped her clean up her rabbits. I tried to talk to her about getting them ready to show. I hope she learned from me. I could tell she really loves her bunnies, but needed to learn the other parts.

Also so far in the beginning of 2017, at my Southern Columbia Area Middle School, we had a huge assembly. I met PA Representative Kurt Masser in the main office and gave him a tour around my school! He interviewed me to learn all about PaSRBA. He was impressed with this organization and how we do a lot with the youth about agriculture. He thinks I am right that this is very important for our world in the future. The administration, students, and Mr. Masser had many good questions for me, such as how a rabbit show works, and what breeds are. He was impressed. After the big assembly and tour, we gave some pictures to 2 of the newspapers where I live, the Press-Enterprise and the News Item.

So far in 2017 I am in joying helping out at a few shows. I like to help write for judges. Sometimes they also need someone to run for things or help someone who is brand new to rabbit showing. I also help people who need help putting bunnies on the table. I am glad to help with what I can do!

We traveled out to Ohio for the big OSRBA show. I showed my cavy and rabbits. Of course, I wrote for the judges and helped out how I could. The one judge complimented me and said he doesn’t get to PA much, but he sure could tell I am one of those PaSRBA kids! I went to some of the judges conference with Andrew Miles. I had a lot of fun at this convention, but it sure was hard getting up for school the next day! haha

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