Fall 2017 - Queen Madi Shaw

In July, I was the team captain for our rabbit bowl team at State Achievement Days. We did really well. As a team, we placed 3rd and I was awarded 1st place junior individual. Lori Jo worked with us a lot to help us prepare. In August, I worked with my mom and Ashley to help organize and run the Small Animal Department for our County 4-H Fair that was held at the Pa Farm Show. There, I participated in Rabbit Showmanship and showing several of my rabbits. I won first place in showmanship under Gabe Hernandez who served as our judge. He did a great job! The following week, I attended Ag Progress Days. I stayed for the whole three days and I really love this event. I worked with several members of the PaSRBA Royalty and other PaSRBA youth representing all things rabbit. We, as a group, participated in Ag Olympics run by 4-H State Council and we had a great time. We spent the three days demonstrating spinning and tattooing. We also shared rabbits and cavies for the public to meet and pet.

Later in August, I attended the Elizabethtown Fair. I participated in the rabbit show and received Best in Show with my Flemish Giant as well as senior showman! I spent the rest of the week helping when I could including weaving a scarf which my team then donated to the fair for their auction. The scarf was woven with fiber we spun right from a few of my Angora rabbits. It was a wonderful week and I can't wait for next year.

One of my most exciting things I had the opportunity to do in August had to be when I was asked to judge the Sullivan County Fair. For a long time now, I've been studying and preparing so that some day I might be able to receive my judge's license. I loved judging this show and it only confirmed that I want to continue on my pursuit to complete my license. I loved working with the youth to judge their rabbits as well as their showmanship event.

In September, I attended the Denver Fair. I have been going to this fair since I was 6 years old and I look forward to it every year. Janet Fasnacht and her daughter Miranda do a wonderful job running this show every year. There I was awarded Best in Show with my own and bred Giant Angora as well as senior showman. The rest of the month, I worked with other youth to study and prepare for ARBA Nationals. I have been attending Nationals for eight years now and I look forward to it every year. The event was huge. Pennsylvania had a number of successes there this year and I personally won breed with my Flemish Giant and Giant Angora, National Achievement winner, District 9 Management winner, my team was awarded third in judging. I also participated in the educational classes with items made from my Angora fiber. I can't wait for this event next year.

In October, I participated in Lebanon Valley Rabbit Breeders Association show. There I helped bake items for the bake sale, helped with clean up, and participated in showmanship as well as the educational displays. I was awarded a Best in Show and two Reserve in Shows with my rabbits as well as senior showman. Later in October, I met with the Bells and Andrew Miles so that we could prepare presentations for the Delaware Valley Rabbit School which we presented the Judging class as well as the Royalty Class. I enjoy helping with these events.

The last event that I participated in was the Apple Country Show. This show is a lot of fun and this year wasn't any different. There, I helped as a writer and I managed to receive Best of Breed in all four Angora breeds.

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