Fall 2017 - Duke Isaac Bell

Hi Everyone. My name is Isaac Bell and I am the PaSRBA Duke and the ARBA Duke. I hope everyone is doing well. There is not much that has happened since my last report other than the PaSRBA Board meeting, which went well. I hope everyone’s breeding’s are going well. I also hope some of you got good rabbits for Farm Show as well as meat pens. Hopefully some of you were successful in breeding meat pens considering this year was not any different than any of the other years for us. No litters. I am learning how to spin wool so I can participate in the Angorapalooza at the Farm Show. I am also working with my mom, the rest of the royalty court, and the rest of my family to put together presentations for the Farm Show. On December 9th, my youth club is hosting a double youth show at the same time MARCS is hosting a double open show. I am one of the youth show secretaries along with my brother Eli and PaSRBA Duchess, Ayanna Jackson. Hope everyone is also geared up for PaSRBA as it quickly comes around the corner. Make sure to get your youth contest applications in as soon as you can. I know I am working on mine!! Hope to see you all at the Farm Show and at PaSRBA!

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