Fall 2017 - Prince Eli Bell

Hi, my name is Eli Bell, I am the 2017 PaSRBA and ARBA Prince. Since October, I went to the Apple Country Show to show my animals and I helped other people with their animals. I went to the PaSRBA meeting in November. My family and I helped with selling milkshakes at the Christmas Show at the Farm Show Complex for 4-H. My family and I help out with the Garden State Show in New Jersey. I helped to set up some of the show equipment, write for a judge, and tear down equipment at the end of the show. Our Dauphin County Youth Club is having a show with MARCS in the beginning of December. I am one of the youth secretaries for this show and I will be doing set-up and tear-down. Don't forget about the Farm Show in January. Have a happy holiday. I hope to see you at other shows.

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