Spring 2018 - Lady Abigail Bell

PaSRBA Lady’s Adventures

Hi Everyone!! It has been a great start of the year for me. We have gotten to go to many shows including Apple Country, West Moreland County Rabbit School, Backyard Bunnies, Butler, North Carolina State Convention, and Furry Friends. We also got to visit the Governor’s Mansions during Easter time so we could let kids pet our rabbits.

At Apple Country I showed my rabbit as well as helping others get there rabbits to the table. At West Moreland Rabbit School I helped teach Breed ID with two of my brothers. At Backyard Bunnies I helped get my rabbits to the table. At Butler I helped with running the show by helping with writing. At the North Carolina State Convention I helped show rabbits and I helped with writing. And at Furry Friends I helped show rabbits and write.

Hope everyone has a good rest of their spring and I can’t wait to see you all around!!

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