Spring 2018 - Lord Austin Stutler

I’ve been busy. In February I went to the PaSRBA Convention and talked to a mom and little girl about PaSRBA Royalty and made a new friend. I also helped to clean up trash in the showroom, showed my English Spots and wore my sash and hat to promote PaSRBA.

I also went to the Peter Rabbit Movie and answered a few questions about rabbits.

In March I went to the Regal Rabbits Rabbit Workshop in Newton, NJ. I helped advance slides and provide handouts to people who came to my mom’s classes at rabbit school. I also attended Piper Smith’s workshop on Youth Contests and told people that I was PA Rabbit Lord. I also met the NY Rabbit Lord.

My family went to the Paw Prints Show in Logan Township, NJ where I showed my English Spots and Mini Lops.

I Brought my English spot doe and litter to school for Show and Tell. I also brought a Mini Lop, Dutch and Mini Rex and talked to my class mates about the different breeds and raising baby bunnies.

At Easter time I got to promote PaSRBA and show my animals at my Church Easter Egg Hunt. People enjoyed petting them.

In April I went to the Monmouth County 4-H Show in Allentown, NJ. While there I got to help my mom check the rabbit’s ears and eyes. I also helped to clean up trash in the showroom and participated in the Cloverbud art contest and Breed ID.

May was the Pitchfork and Buckets 4-H ARBA Show in Cape May, NJ and the Delaware Valley-Furry Friends Show in Collegeville, PA. I helped to hang posters and flags, and put out hand sanitizer, pens, and paper towels at the judge’s tables. I gave the judges and writers drinks during the show and helped to clean up trash in the showroom. I also showed my Mini Lops and English Spots.

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