Spring 2018 - Duchess Anna Gulling

June 1, 2018

Since I have become a part of the PaSRBA Royal Court I have done many different things. I taught the kindergarten class at my school about rabbits along with my brother, Tony. In addition, I also taught a troop of Daisies about rabbits. It was great to be able to teach little kids about rabbits. Also, I attended the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit National Show in Reno, Nevada. While I was there, I wore my crown and sash while helping to run the Netherland Dwarfs all day. It was a wonderful experience for me because I had the chance to watch the judge all day as well, which was very interesting. At the Apple Country show, I participated in the beginner rabbit hopping competition. My English Spot, Marigold, and I won 7th place, which was very exciting, because it meant that my practice had paid off! Besides that, I helped to teach a class about full-arch breeds at the Westmoreland Rabbit School with my brother and Andrew Miles, and I learned a lot myself while helping teach. Overall, I have been doing a lot as PaSRBA Duchess, and I can’t wait to tackle what life throws at me next!



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