Spring 2018 - King Jacob Bell

Hello PaSRBA,

Since becoming your Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association King I have represented our organization several different events. The first event was the State Convention on Sunday. I helped Superintend the Youth Hall and that afternoon I helped with tear-down.

After PaSRBA I taught two classes at the Westmoreland Rabbit School. My classes were the Judging Competition Contest class and the Intro to Rabbits class. Thank-you to all of you who attended either of those classes. I hope that they were beneficial. If you didn’t attend the Rabbit School this year, be sure to check it out in the future. There are many beneficial classes taught and many knowledgeable people teaching them.

After that I helped my 4-H Club, Dauphin County Fur and Feathers, with their community outreach at the Governor’s Mansion and held rabbits out for people to pet. We answered many peoples questions and promoted PaSRBA as much as we could (which was a lot).

Since PaSRBA I’ve been to two shows. The first of these was the Apple Country show. The second was the Furry Friends show. At these shows I helped people with showing their rabbits and with carrying their animals and equipment. Those are some things I enjoy doing at shows, so if you need help and I’m at the show (and available) feel free to ask for some help.

And last of all, I’ve talked to many people about rabbits. In my other activities outside of rabbits such as 4-H, church, and Civil Air Patrol, it is no secret that I have rabbits. So, I take advantage of that by promoting rabbits and educating people about the truth of rabbits; they don’t live on carrot and lettuce. So never be afraid of talking about your rabbits to others outside of the rabbit world and educating them on the correct facts about rabbits.

That is all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’ll probably see you around. Or, at least you’ll see me around. Have a good day!!

Best Regards,

Jacob Bell

P.S. Please don’t feed your rabbits anything green or anything you aren’t sure about. Chances are it’s bad for them.

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