Spring 2018 - Princess MolliLyn Petro

Hi everyone! PaSRBA Convention was AWESOME!! I am so excited to represent PaSRBA as the Princess this year! I have been sooo busy and have done so many things as your state bunny princess already this year.

At a bunch of rabbit shows I have been delivering folders to tables and writing for judges. They are always very appreciative of my help, and of course I love to help out at the shows!

While it was still Winter, I helped to teach at Rabbit College in Latrobe PA. I helped with a few different presentations with Madi, Jacob, and Gerry, as well as teaching with Caleb, Eli, & Isaac. It was a great day!

Early this spring I was invited by the first grade teachers at GC Hartman Elementary School to come in as the rabbit princess. They were finishing a science unit on adaptations and habitats. I created a power point presentation to run on the laptop with a projector. The teachers introduced me and I was the only speaker at the assembly. Wearing my crown and sash and PaSRBA Princess shirt, I taught 5 first grade classes. I also brought in a few rabbits, of course, to show some different rabbit breeds and give them an up close experience. Then, we compared and contrasted and created a Venn Diagram on a poster that I made. The teachers and the Principal were impressed with all that I have learned through PaSRBA and ARBA, and also my speaking skills. I will include a couple pictures so you can see my day of being an assembly all by myself! Stay tuned, because word has spread and now they want me to give this same talk to the 6th graders at my own school! (This is the grade I am in!)

I have also been asked to bring rabbis and visit with people at the local children’s museum and local festivals, so this will be a fun, busy summer!

Something else exciting at Southern Columbia Area Schools is we had a K-12 Ag Day. I was invited to come and bring some rabbits as part of the activity centers that students and teachers of all grades could visit. There were hay rides, draft horses, goats, a dairy cow, and lots of tractors….besides my rabbits! I was on TV and interviewed for the news about Ag Day. The first graders keep asking for me to come back. So, I have been a guest reader in their classrooms since then, and brought rabbits along for them to see and pet…of course!

I have to finish this up because I have to finish packing for another rabbit show!! I hope to see you all soon! I am going to keep on hopping into summer!!

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