Our PaSRBA Lady

I’ve had a busy first few months as the 2019 PaSRBA Rabbit Lady.

After being crowned I was eager to wear my crown and sash and help people. The first thing I did after winning was wear my crown and sash to school.

My first event was the Westmoreland County Rabbit School. I helped making the nametags for people and then I got together a coloring contest and I got prizes for people. I also helped cleanup and attended many classes. I liked them all.

At the Washington County Rabbit Show I helped Sue and Mike pass out ribbons. I was there with King Zach and Queen Morgan. I liked being there with a little bit of the royalty court and I also helped pick raffle tickets. I look forward to helping people at the fall show.

For Easter I went to the VFW in my hometown, Berlin, for an Easter egg hunt. I brought some bunnies and many people liked them. Questioned that people asked me was how old the rabbit is, what the rabbit’s name was and whether it was the Easter bunny. It was a fun event to do with just me but I missed my friends in the royalty court.

Then I went to Butler’s rabbit show. There I helped pass out ribbons with Michele Kulha and Madison Smith who is the Princess.

My last event was the Party For the Planet event in Westmoreland County. My rabbit club always has a booth there and we brought bunnies this year and they were a big hit. And we gave PaSRBA meat flyers out. I had fun with King Zach and Princess Madison.

Next month I was invited to the Somerset County Farmers Market and I am going to a rabbit school in Maryland to teach a class with my mom.

I am so happy I am the 2019 PaSRBA Lady and I am working hard to represent PaSRBA.

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