Summer Fun with the Princess

Hello from Madison, I have been very busy representing PaSRBA!!! I was able to help out a friend by giving a presentation about hopping rabbits. This took place in Monongalia West Virginia at their county fair. What a great time!! I spoke with youth about how they can become involved with rabbits. I was also able to attend Ag progress days at State College. It was a great time with fellow court members. And it is always fun to talk to the public about my favorite hobby, rabbits. I spoke to many adults and kids about how they can become involved in this great hobby. I participated in the Westmoreland county fair. What a great fair week. I gave a presentation about cavy nutrition, I also helped out during our all breed show!! It was a busy week but unforgettable week!! And lastly this past Saturday I was able to attend the WCRC triple rabbit show in Westmoreland co. I helped out by sorting comment cards. And helping as needed. It was an awesome show! I was able to visit with friends and talk rabbit. I am so excited fall is here, that means rabbit shows!! Hope all has a great fall show season.

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