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In the late 1980's, the Pennsylvania Farm Show agreed to add Rabbits as a commodity only if the an association would sponsor the department. Thus, the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association was formed to include principal members and affiliated clubs.

P a S R B A  A N N O U N C E M E N T S

11 May 2019

UPDATED! Sweeptakes Report

Find the most recent sweepstakes report under the membership tab!

15 Feb 2019

2019 PaSRBA Royalty and Youth Contest Results

NEW! Meet the 2019 PaSRBA Royalty Court! Check out their Biographies on the Youth Tab!

NEW! The 2019 Youth Contest Results have been uploaded to the Youth Tab!

31 Jan 2019

2019 PaSRBA Convention Online Entry is NOW OPEN!

NEW! Online Entry is NOW OPEN the 2019 PaSRBA Convention! 

01 Jan 2020

2019 PaSRBA Convention Vendor/Club Assignments

NEW! 2019 Convention Vendor/Club Assignments and Layout has been uploaded to site! Find them on the "Other Convention Files" page under the "Convention" tab.

15 Jan 2019

2019 PaSRBA Convention Entry

NEW! Find and Download the 2019 Convention Entry Form under the Convention Tab!

11 Jan 2019

Annual Wool, Skein, & Garment Contest

NEW! Find and Download all information regarding the Annual Wool, Skein & Garment Contest at the 2019 PaSRBA Convention on the "Other Convention Files" page!

11 Jan 2019

Rabbit & Cavy Showmanship Score Sheets

NEW! Find and Download both Updated Rabbit & Cavy Showmanship Score Sheets under the Youth Tab and on the Youth Forms Page!

09 Jan 2019

2019 PaSRBA Rabbit & Agility Forms

NEW! Find and Download all information regarding 2019 Rabbit Hopping and Agility at the PaSRBA Convention on the "Other Convention Files" page!

27 Dec 2018

View/Print the 2019 PaSRBA Convention Catalog

View/Print the 2019 PaSRBA Convention Catalog​ under the convention tab!

16 Dec 2018

Updated Show Listings

The Upcoming Shows page has been updated with new show listings. 

11 Dec 2018

Farm Show Presentation Sign Up

If you would like to give a presentation at Farm Show on the stage in the Rabbit/Cavy/Poultry hall (East Hall Stage), please click on the link to the side and sign up for the day and time you would like. This is a great opportunity to share your enthusiasm for our hobby!

18 Nov 2018 November Updates!

UPDATED! Sweepstakes Report now listed under the membership tab!

UPDATED! Missing Sanction Report added to the Upcoming Shows Page!

NEW! 2019 Youth Contest Forms are available in the Youth Forms tab! 

21 May 2018 Spring Update

NEW! Royalty Court Pictures and Bios have been added on our 2018 royalty page!

UPDATED! 2018 Youth Contests Results can now be viewed under the youth tab!

NEW! Officers and Directors, and their information has been updated! 

NEW! 2018 PaSRBA Membership Directory is now available for download in the membership area. 

NEW! Updated Sweesptakes report is available under the membership tab.

18 Jan 2018

New PaSRBA Membership Application

Join PaSRBA today by downloading the new membership application! You can find the new application under the membership tab! 

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