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Y O U T H  P R O G A M  I N F O M A T I O N

The Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association would like to encourage all youth to participate in the wide range of activities and contests we offer.   It's a great opportunity to learn more about rabbits and cavies as well as have fun and make new friends!  To participate you must be a Primary or associate member. 


At the PA State Convention, youth may enter the following contests:



Breed ID

Team Breed ID


Team Judging



Educational Exhibits



Although we encourage everyone to do so, you do not need to enter the Royalty contest in order to participate in the contests.  Most of the contests are held on Friday evening of Convention.  In an effort to encourage more of our youth to participate, we are now offering a team competition for Breed ID on Saturday.

The Royalty Contest looks for youth to represent our association and advertise our hobby.  The Lord, Lady, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, King and Queen must complete an application, take a written test, identify breeds and/or varieties of rabbits/cavies, participate in an interview and do showmanship on their own animal or give a short presentation (King and Queen). You must be a primary member to participate. 


The Educational Contest includes rabbit and cavy record books, informational posters, informational displays, rabbit/cavy artwork, rabbit/cavy short story, and rabbit/cavy photograph or photograph series.


The Achievement Contest as well as a the Management Contest may be entered by youth even if they are unable to attend the PaSRBA Convention. the Management Contest holds a special place in our hearts as a memorial to Carol Prosseda, who helped many youth with their breed and promoting the breeds she loved as well as the importance of having fun!


To access applications for these contests, please see the Youth Forms page on the website.

For any questions email,


Pasrba convention offers a wide range of activities for youth from showing to education to recreation. Updates will be posted regularly to Facebook PaSRBA Youth! If you have questions, e-mail

ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit and Cavy Show:
There are 2 all breed shows, one Saturday and one Sunday as well as many single breed specialty shows. The all breed shows have a separate youth show where youths 18 and under can exhibit. These shows are all day of show entry which means you should arrive about 7am and enter and pay for your animals that day. You cannot enter in both youth and open for a single show. Youth are not restricted to entering youth shows, you can enter open.

 Rabbit Hopping:
This activity is gaining popularity throughout the country. Check the schedule and come by and participate. There are both open and youth classes.

Youth Contests:
There are 7 contests only open to youth which judge your knowledge and accomplishments in various aspects of rabbits and cavies: Achievement, Management, Royalty, Breed ID, Judging, Team Breed ID and educational exhibits. There is no cost. All of these contests require pre-entry. For descriptions, forms and online entry go to Assistance is available to contestants with disabilities and to young contestants. Please visit the website for a full description of requirements.

Achievement and Management:

These contests judge your project based on how much you have achieved and how well you manage your herd. It is a pre-entry contest based on your answers to a number of questions. Attendance at convention is not required. ARBA and PaSRBA principal membership is required.


This contest selects representatives for PaSRBA for the year based on achievement as well as knowledge, judging and interview skills. Open to Pennsylvania residents. ARBA and PaSRBA principal membership is required.

Breed ID:

In this contest you will write down the breed, variety, showroom class, and 4 or 6 class. Entry is available on-line up to 1 week before convention. Open to any youth.


Judge 4 classes of 4 rabbits and see how you compare to our ARBA judges. Entry is available on-line up to 1 week before convention. Open to any youth.

Educational Exhibits:

Bring in all those rabbit/cavy crafts, project books, stories and anything else. It just has to have a direct connection to rabbits or cavies. Open to any youth. Pre-entry appreciated but entries may be brought and entered between 8 – 10am Saturday.

PaSRBA Banquet:
This is a must do for all youth. Come join us for a great dinner, find out who the distinguished service and lifetime service award winners are and all youth contest winners. Then we’ll crown our royalty court. Don’t forget- Any PaSRBA member, youth or adult is welcome to nominate members for the distinguished service award. There is also a youth choice award chosen by youth to the adult who stands out over the year.

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