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Other Important Convention Files

PaSRBA Hopping Class Descriptions

We have an exciting line up this year for the 2019 PaSRBA Rabbit Hopping Competitions!  The Events will start at 9am on Sunday, February 3rd.  Entry Fees: $6.00/class, $9.00/team .  Please read the rules before entering any classes. Any questions should be directed to Sally Turner, performance events show secretary at

PaSRBA Rabbit Hopping & Agility Rules

Full description of PaSRBA Rabbit Hopping and Agility Rules. Please Read the 2019 Rules before entering any classes. 

PaSRBA Individual Rabbit Hopping Entry Form

Individual Rabbit Hopping Entry Form.

PaSRBA Rabbit Hopping Team Entry Form

Team Rabbit Hopping Entry Form.

Annual Wool, Skein, & Garment Contest

Check-in for entries will be taken at the AARC Table located in the showroom starting at 5pm on Friday Feb 1, and will continue until 10am Saturday morning, when entries will be closed. 

Annual Wool, Skein & Garment Contest Entry

Aunnal Wool, Skein & Garment Contest Entry Form

Convention Vendors / Clubs Assignments

Full listing of the PaSRBA Convention Vendors and Club Booths assignments. 

Convention Vendors / Clubs Layouts

Layout descriptions for each Convention Vendor and Club Booth.

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