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Rental Forms


1. Request of Equipment must be made at least a minimum of 60 days prior to show.

2. Equipment will be picked up no sooner than 7 days prior to the show.

3. Equipment must be turned in within 7 days after the show.

4. Equipment must be turned in unbroken and cleaned with no damaged occurred.

5. Annotate and notify of any problems with the Equipment, so that it can be fixed before next used.

6. Call, email or text the Equipment Manager when the Equipment is dropped off or picked up.

7. Equipment must be safely hauled to and from location with the correct trailer and vehicle. For Instance, GVW and trailer brake system. Tow Vehicle must have trailer brake system. In addition, driver must have correct license to operate trailer.

8. Vehicle and Equipment will be inspected prior to pick up and/or drop off.

9. There will be a fee to use Equipment.               

                                                                               Affiliated               Non-Affiliated Cooping;

Per hole; 8 hole minimum, in multiples of 8 $1.00                      $2.00

Per Judge Table set up                                       $4.00                      $8.00

Judge Coop                                                          $2.00                      $4.00

Table                                                                     $1.00                      $2.00

Judge Box; minimum of 2, in multiples of 2   $1.00                      $2.00

Scale                                                                     $3.00                      $5.00

10. Equipment not returned in a timely manner within 7 days after show, a fee will be added of 10% of total cost.

11. Any damaged Equipment not reported before the clubs show will be responsible for the club to repair. In addition, the club will be responsible if Equipment is brought back damaged.

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