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C O M M U N I T Y  S E R V I C E

Looking for a way to serve your community?  The answer may be no further than your barn!  Rabbits not only make great pets and show animals but can also be used as therapy bunnies to those who are unable to own or care for a pet. 

Pet therapy is a great way to share your rabbits with residents in nursing homes, hospitals and schools who often need their companionship.  The pets soothe the residents, make them feel better and even make them smile!  You can help bring joy, pleasure and even relief to residents with one of your bunnies.

Opportunities to serve others may show up where you least expect them! A fellow Sweet Adeline, Paula Kielich, who was looking for a therapy bunny, contacted Lori Jo Whitehaus.  Paula works for Pals for Life, a service organization that provides companion animal programs to the elderly and handicapped in the Delaware County area.  Lori Jo directed Paula to a Pennsylvania breeder who donated two rabbits to Pals for Life for their therapy program. 

Paula shares a story from a patient. At HUP (Hospital of the University of PA) Rehabilitation Hospital, a young woman was having a difficult time with pain management since having had major leg surgery.  I put Taffy, our mini-lop on her lap, and she softly stroked her for quite some time.  When it was time for us to go, she exclaimed, My pain, it’s gone away!  A small rabbit helped her more than all of her medications. 

You, too, can make a difference in someone's life! Consider donating your rabbits or your time to an organization near you.  To volunteer with Pals for Life please visit their website or call 610-687-1101.

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